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The Indie Artist's Guide

“The Indie Artist’s Guide: Navigating the Music Industry Without a Label” by Corey “Joka Beatz” Dixon is a comprehensive and practical guide tailored to the needs of today’s independent musicians. Leveraging Dixon’s extensive experience as a successful indie artist, this book demystifies the music industry and provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to help artists thrive independently.

The guide takes you on a journey through the vital aspects of launching and sustaining a career in music, including understanding the music industry’s structure, crafting your art and brand, building an online presence, recording and production techniques, promoting and distributing your music, gigging and touring, and managing the business side of your career.

Bonus #2 (Value $17)

A Comprehensive Guide to Music Marketing

Are you an aspiring music artist or producer struggling to reach your audience? Are you seeking practical advice on how to navigate the complex landscape of music marketing in the digital age? “A Comprehensive Guide to Music Marketing” is the resource you need.

Written by accomplished music producer and marketer Corey “Joka Beatz” Dixon, this book is designed to provide artists and producers with a roadmap to success in the music industry. With over a decade of experience in music production and marketing, Corey offers insider insights and practical advice, walking you through the various aspects of music marketing.

Bonus #3 (Value $49)

Music Contracts Promo

The Ultimate Music Contracts Templates

Are you a passionate music industry professional looking to navigate the complex world of contracts with ease and confidence? Look no further! We are thrilled to present our groundbreaking product: the 20 Must-Have Music Contract Templates Collection.

Designed specifically for record labels, music producers, and recording artists, this comprehensive collection is the ultimate toolkit to protect your interests, streamline your operations, and ensure fair and successful collaborations. With these meticulously crafted contract templates at your fingertips, you’ll have the power to forge strong partnerships, secure your rights, and flourish in the ever-evolving music industry.

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